Coaching is a structured process that through methodology, techniques, specific tools and commitment of the client aims at achieving a goal stipulated by this. 


Coaching promotes self-knowledge, helps in the processes of change in general, improves and develops skills, identifies beliefs, including limits, that means, those that prevent you from achieving your goals, your dreams.  


Coaching promotes competency development effectively, accelerates learning time by focusing on appropriate behaviors to achieve the expected result. In addition to the broadening of world view, thus expanding its universe of possibilities allowing you to add self-knowledge and options, also generating greater security and offering the opportunity to create empathy in a more natural way once you consent to see the world of the other.


Some possibilities in the professional scope: 

• Greater efficiency in the current position; 

• Preparation for career or position change; 

• Leadership; 

• Improvement of behaviors focused on concrete and more efficient results; 

• Time management; 

• Efficiency in teamwork, among others.  


Some possibilities in the personal scope: 

• Reorganization of personal life; 

• Transition and change phases; 

• Quality of life; 

• Increased self-esteem; 

• Improvement in interpersonal relationships; 

• Ability to communicate; 

• Balance between work and personal life; 

• Weight loss, among others.  



Hiring the executive coaching process provides benefits for the organization and for the client as an individual.  


Some of these benefits: 


• Improvement in interpersonal relationships; 

• Assertive communication; 

• Focused professionals; 

• More integrated team; 

• Focus on the development of competencies that will bring better results for the company.  


Customer (Coachee)

• Increased self-confidence; 

• Self knowledge; 

• Expansion of possibilities; 

• Opportunity to generate empathy naturally; 

• Focus; 

• Increased self-safety; 

• Increased credibility in the relationship with the organization; 

• Better quality relationships; 

• Progress in professional performance.


Executive Channel Journal 

According to the Executive Channel Journal, more than 40% of executives in the United States have already conducted coaching processes. 

According to surveys, in the United States the coaching process is used by: 

• 45% of executives 

• 77% of senior executives. 

• 92% of these executives and CEOs are willing to use the coaching process.   


Latin American Human Resource Partnership - LAHRP

A survey of 182 companies from 16 Latin American countries, 39 of Brazil, found that 84.6 already use the coaching market.  


The Economist 

The percentage of organizations that hire the coaching process: 

• 88% - United Kingdom. 

• 70% - Australia. 


Fortune Magazine

40,000 executives in the United States conduct coaching processes.



"Career Coaching is an important component of career development strategy." Daniel Feldman  


Career Coaching is a strategic process of career planning and development. It generates self-knowledge and provides the possibility of more career-wise choices, promoting security to plan and successfully complete all stages of career transition, such as first employment, career development, career change, relocation, derailment, career and women, multigenerational teams, pre-retirees and retirees.  


The career coach is the professional who conducts the process based on the fundamentals of the principles and the process of coaching contributing to develop talents, skills and professional careers in all phases 

◼Enables performance improvement; 

◼Better understanding of the team; 

◼It enables you to train and be trained in your way of thinking / preferences.

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