It is with great joy that I share the acquisition of an international group of tools, composed by 3 games that in a deep and consistent way, proposes the integration between emotion and reason, resorting from a collection of photos and words with the goal of generating the widening of vision, make new connections, count or re-signify stories, enable the creation of solutions more appropriate to their profile, seek self-knowledge, promote more assertive communication and generate empathy, among many other possibilities that these tools promote. And then start the process of choosing, choosing the most appropriate path for that person at that moment, following to the definition of the actions to be taken so that his goal is reached in a full and congruent way.


I present the tools developed by Points-of-You.


• The Coaching Game

• Punctum

• Faces


These tools can be used as part of processes (coaching, therapy, project meetings, team meetings, training ...) as well as being used for specific issues 


1. Acquisition of a new international tool to boost discoveries, new looks, new possibilities or even confirm possibilities already known. Boosting the development of being in a deep and consistent way! 


2. Acquisition of a tool developed to encourage the use of both cerebral hemispheres: left and right. Using this way our analytical, strategic and procedural potential in partnership with our potential to create, innovate, create empathy, socialize. 


3. This tool enables numerous applications, one of the following possibilities: 


  • Relationship: opportunity for improvement in relationships: professional, loving, family, personal (friends). 

  • Opportunity for improvement and understanding of how it relates to conflicting situations, with money, with your career, with your life history, with yourself among so many other possibilities of relationship. 


4. This tool enables numerous applications, there is one more possibility: 

- Self-knowledge: who am I in my essence? Who am I? Who do you want me to be? Who do I want to be? Among many other internal questions.


5. Which professionals can use this International tool?  

Some possibilities: 

- Coaches: in coaching processes; 

- Psychologists: in therapy sessions; 

- Companies: to work team and leaderships. 

- Groups or individuals; 

- Consultant: to make planning or execution of projects easier; 

- HR: work leadership, teams, use in training; 

- Teacher: use with students, staff of teachers; 

- Leader: use as facilitator to discuss various topics; -Individual: use to seek solutions of subjects related to you, whether personal or professional; 


Among many other applications! Are you curious? 


Contact me and schedule a session to try it!

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