How to succesfully control anxiety?

June 8, 2017


Talking about anxiety is talking about a twentieth-century disease. Nowadays, people are very concerned about the future. Precisaely thinking of what make them happy about his/her future, job, parents, health and so on.


First of all, I’d like to define anxiety, after then describe phases of anxiety and finaly how to succesfully control anxiety.


According to Dr. Bill Pettit “we start creating a biochemical imbalance” caused by negative and normally unreal thinking, and when the brain realizes this biochemical imbalance, the brain initiates a process to reorganized the body functions, so as Dr. Pettit explains “there’s a place called the locus coeruleus and it controls noradrenaline and shoots it into the person’s body and if I and three other people here injected the same amount of noradrenaline into their vein, we would suddently get short of breath, experience hot flashes, cold flashes, nausea, numbness, tingling, we would have all the symptoms that people call a panic attack”.


In agreement with Dr. Pettit, anxiety is a negative thought that causes a biochemical imbanlance promoting a lot of symptoms called a panic attacks.


Anxiety is a disorder witch includes symptoms such as panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. As stated in Harvard Health Publicatins – Harvard medical School anxiety disorder is the most common mental illness.


As reported by Dr. Pettit the principal behaviour to cease those feelings is changing their focus on thinking positively, doing other things such as reading the newspaper, magazine, listen to their favorite song. Moreover it is very important to know that this kind of event remains of approximately 3 or 5 minutes only. If person has consciousness about it, is able to control her/his emotional pain and move forward.


On the other hand, it is not so easy to reach at this point related above alone, with no specialist orientation. But could be essential to know that there are many ways to follow and the cure is totally possible to be achieved.


Some treatments according to Harvard Health Publicatins – Harvard medical School, include “medications, exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, meditation, and exercise. It also includes information on the many types of anxiety and stress disorders, their symptoms, causes, and getting a proper diagnosis, as well as advice on making treatment work for you.”


Still regarding Dr. Pettit studies, he concludes with three principles: courage to stay quiet, look for a positive feeling and to be open to insight.


To sum up anxiety is a mental illnesses that should be diagnosed by one specialist in this topic, there are some treatments that will work for that person and the cure is possible predominantly becoming aware that the symptoms are fleeting and unreal. So, try thinking positively instead of negatively.





  • Dr Bill Pettit - How to deal with panic attacks, anxiety and negative thinking


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