The value of having and the devaluation of being!

April 4, 2019


Two weeks ago a friend commented to me how happy she was to be back to her therapy with a psychologist. She went on to say how much everyone should have the opportunity to try this the process and that it was continuous, but that was not possible because it was a very expensive service.  


This speech intrigued so much!


This is not the first time that I have listened this kind of commentary regarding psychological and coaching processes: “everybody should do it, but it is a very expensive service”. 


Since then, I’ve been observing behaviors and speeches about this topic, and what I could realize is how we are still living the age of having, having a car, having a house, having especifics brands, therefore the price is accepted without arguing, nothing is expensive once I take a physical product  and it can be seen, groped.  


Something totally opposite to the therapeutic and coaching processes. These services are in the sphere of the BE. Wherefor, the customer does not take with theirm a physical product, but something intangible. Taking with their observable behaviors, but not always instantaneously, for the delevopment of being begins internally, being felt by the client to be externally observable, and yet the product is BEing itself. The human being who explains his BEing through their behaviors, whether observable or not.


Thinking about having, in both cases the customer may have, but the intangible having, the one that is not touchable, such as having an increasead awareness, having effective communication, having awareness of their habilities, and others. Do you realize that none of these examples are concret products? Then, in the age of having, be does not have value.  


The contradiction in this point that I would like to saliente is that what the human being seeks most is happiness, and happiness is in being, and not in having. We used to say “I want to be happy” insetad of “I want to have happiness”. So how can the most precious search for the majority of the population in this planet be worthless? If being happy in being, how can services that develop being be worthless? 


In the therapeutic and coaching processes customer takes with:


BE who you are! 

BE aware

BE congruent

BE an authentic

BE an unique

BE an importante

BE free



And about you, which moment are you, to be or to have? If you are not sure, make the question for yourself “Who am I? 


What products and services do you value? 


What are your criterias for determining what is expensive, fair price or cheap? 


How much would you invest in “to be”? 


Sharing your insight into the topic covered!


I would love to know your point of view!

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