Have you lost something?

May 16, 2019


Have you ever lost your car’s key?

Have you ever lost your ring?

These are concret objects, concret,right? So, it is easy to lose and to find them, don’t you agree?


Have you ever heard someone saying that he/she have lost his/her job? Or found a new one? 

It is interesting, isn’t it? Because in this specific case we are not talking about a concret object, that can be lost or found. 


However, this topic comes to me insistently through people commenting on their losses. In all cases, I could realize that the major part of these people were revealing cycles of their lives.


Although none of them immediately recognizes as a cycle, all of them were able to identify many “coincidences”, as they have said.


Then, going through these “coincidences” in a conscious way, it is possible to associate situation, behavior and consequences. While we are used to pay more attention to the results that were not the expected ones, the feeling is that something has been lost.


At this moment I invite you to pause for a minute, step back and choose one situation in your life that you have felt like this, choose that situation that persists in repeating, repeating and repeating.


Now, check this situation as a fact, stay emotionally out of the situation, so check the behavior that you have had and the result.


And think critically:

Which is the core of the matter?

What specificity is always repeated in your life? (Situation, your behavior, result).

What result did you want to get and which one did you get?

What do you need to learn from it?

What do you need to change in your life?


As a result of these experiences exchange with these people, and reflecting deeply about the topic, I believe that everything is a cycle, cycle of life. And when a cycle is still repeating is because we need to learn something that we have not learned yet.  To have this cycle finished you need to practice doing something different, something related to what you have learned from it.


And when you feel that you lose something, think also in cycles, if something has gone means only that that cycle has completed its mission, this way it is finalized. Thus, you have learned many things, you have developed yourself, and now you are able to move on.


Have a nice new cycle! Enjoy it!


Tathiana M. Neder


Redes sociais: @coaching4action

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