Walk the talk!

June 4, 2019

Last week I took part in some events, moreover all of them made me think about “walk the talk” and the relation with self-conscious. 

Nowadays we are charged to act the way we speak with more emphasis. 


We are being observed during every single moment. 


And the question is: How to “walking the talk” in a fluid form, with conscious and being congruent?


My conclusion is that when I know who I am, my personal values and principles, practice the “walk the talk” is easy and natural, because I really think and feel what I am saying. 


At this point what came to my mind is being honest with yourself. 


Therefore, the key to accomplish the “walk the talk” fluently is self-knowledge. Taking a look inside out in order to recognize yourself and think:


- Who am I? 

- What are my personal values? 

- Which things do I really approve and disapprove? 

- What have I been saying, is what I really believe and feel?

- Have I been honest with myself?


Contact me and Let’s walk the talk! 


Tathiana M. Neder


Social medias: @coaching4action



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