Costume Party!

June 17, 2019


Costume party!


Last week I had the opportunity to receive an invitation to attend a thematic party. 80’s party. 


And what seemed like an unconscious choice of costume that I would choose to represent at this party became this text, from the searching for the clothing I would wear in my own wardrobe. 


When I received the invitation, I immediately thought of representing my role model of 80’s, Madonna, which made me revisit her videos and costumes of the time. It was very funny, because for a very long time I hadn’t watched her videos. 


However, an hour and a half before the party, watching her videos clips again was that I started to realize something, such as: 

-       When I choose the character, be it real or fictitious, Why did I choose it?

-       What characteristics of this character do I value?

-       What characteristics of this character do I also own? And which ones do I want to add to my life?

-       What does this character mean to me? And in my life story? And for society?

-       What is the role of this character in the environment (music, movies, science, arts, etc.)?


After choosing the character, I choose a specific phase, a moment:

-       From the whole story of that chosen character what led me to choose that time, that particular moment?

-       What can I learn about my current time in relation to the time I chose to represent that character?


Some examples:

- If the choice was made by a singer: you can be wondering yourself:


  • What music, video clip do/did I chose to represent? 

    • What does the lyrics say to me today?

    • Does the year when the clip was launched bring me any memory? If so, what does it want to tell me about my current time? 

    • Does the history of the music video bring me any memories? Or does it want to tell me something about my present time? 

    • What clothes did the artist wear in this music video, what does it represent for me? If I have one, of a certain in my closet, very similar, what does that mean for me?


If the choice was made by a super-hero (heroin): you can be wondering yourself:

  • What are the superpowers he/she has? 

    • Which of them do I own and which do I want to own?

  • What is the origin of this character: Terran, extraterrestrial, his gifts and powers are born or were attributed through experiments, etc.? 

    • What is my origin?

    • Do I feel that I belong to the group or that I am an "extraterrestrial? 

  • What causes this character to defend?

    • What are the causes that I advocate? Any relationship between the causes?

  • Is the character's performance individual, in double or in group?

    • How do I act individually, in pairs or in groups?


If character in a movie: ask yourself

  • What is the theme of the chosen movie? 

    • What interests me the most about this topic?

    • What is the relationship between this theme and my way of seeing life? 

  • Which era does this movie portray: past, present or future?

    • At what time do my thoughts go the longest? 

  • It's an action movie, comedy, drama, romance, horror, suspense, etc.? 

    • What is the moment of my current life, if it was a movie, what genre am I living in?

In the end, many questions can be asked from a simple choice, from a costume to a thematic party.


And if you enjoyed these reflections, but do not have any theme parties or the next fantasy, think if you had received an invitation from, which the first character comes to your head that you would like to represent and then follow some questions, enjoy and ask your own questions. 


An excellent reflection and deepening of oneself.


Tathiana M. Neder


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